This service is aimed at internet users that don;t want to pay £'s per month for flat rate internet access, perhaps you only use the Net for a few minutes a day ? Is your current ISP constantly disconnecting you during busy periods ? Do you have an email address that no one can make sense of (which seemed a good idea when you set it up !).


Look no further than Dronfieldonline.com. This is a free service where all you pay for are your local rate calls whilst you are online.

You have the choice of an email address in the form of "yourname@dronfieldonline.com", you will receive an email 'inbox' that is 20mb in size ! together with a 400mb backbone ensuring your web pages quickly .

If however you wish to utilise a 'flat rate connection' such as 'Freeserve Anytime' or 'BT Surftime', then you may still create an email address at Dronfieldonline.com, but have your email 'forwarded' to your existing email account. That way you can keep all your settings but tell everyone your new email address.

Please select the option below you require.


Apply for pay as you go internet access and email


Apply for email forwarding only